FRANCE-URSS espoirs 1976.

FRANCE espoirs 1976.
Debout : Trésor, Bossis, Bathenay, Lopez, Janvion, Dropsy.
Accroupis : Zimako, Michel, Lacombe, Rampillon, Sarramagna.

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  1. En bas le 2eme en partant de la droite n'est pas Baronchelli mais Rampillon.

  2. Hi mr. Steph Ruta,
    Thanks so much!
    This is the pics on Parc des Princes stadium April 20, 1976
    before the quarterfinals of the Europe Cup in 1976 ( under 23 years) against the Soviet Union team. As part of France team 29-year-old Henri Michel (allowed under the rules of participation of 2 players over 23 years). Here below pictures from this match:
    Best regards from Kiev,
    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Rush,

    Thank you too. I can send the USSR team to you if you want. Let me now and best regards from Dijon.

  4. Hi Steph,
    Thank you. It will be nice. I will follow closely the section CCCP et SATELLITES :)
    Sincerely yours,


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